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 Sightings November 2012



Friday 30th November

c40 Golden Plover, 12 Common Snipe, good numbers of Eurasian Teal on the large flooded field between Barton-in-Fabis and Thrumpton this afternoon. Little Owl also in tree by the riverside Chalet [P.Buxton]


Wednesday 28th November

A large skein of c150 Geese over Branshill Wood heading east, viewed from the Attenborough side of the river, just as they were disappearing into the distance at around 1.00pm. Also large numbers of gulls, Lapwing and 2 Shelduck on the large flooded field between Thrumpton and Barton-in-Fabis [P.Buxton].


Tuesday 27th November

A skein of around c100 geese flew over my house at 22.15, they were calling loudly and with clear skys and a full moon they were seen very briefly as they passed over in a V formation heading south-east.

I quickly checked out the call, whilst it was still in my head, and I am almost certain that they were White-fronted Geese

And no I wasn't walking back home from the pub!


Sunday 25th November

Due to heavy flooding throughout the area and excellent light for photography, I again opted on another day in the company of Waxwing.

Some huge numbers were found throughout the day with c150 on Dovecote Road Beeston, c70 on Lenton Lane and calling in at the Trent University Campus, Clifton on my way back home at midday, produce a flock of c50 sat in trees in the carpark area to the left of the Darwin Building.

below are a selection of images from all three areas. More Waxwings can be found here

Dovecote Road, Beeston

South Nott's University - Clifton


Saturday 24th November

This morning was spent in pursuit of Waxwing,  and although I missed them there was a small flock of 14 birds located in the Nottingham Trent University campus, Clifton at 8.30am [M.Tring]

Large numbers however were located throughout the morning, with a flock of c50 behind the Red Cow public house, Lenton and a large flock of up to 150 on Queens Road Beeston.

Reports of further waxwing sightings today came from West Bridgeford, Carrington, Long Eaton, Attenborough and Arnold.


Waxwing - Lenton

Friday 23rd November

A number of Pied Wagtail were seen flying into roost within the Racliffe-on-Soar Power Station grounds this evening [D.Roots].


Thursday 22nd November

A male Brambling was found [T.Shields] in the willows on the river bend Clifton Grove, also large tit flock and Goldcrest in the area.


Monday 19th November

Whilst working on Southchurch Drive, Clifton this morning at 11.40am a flock of c40 calling Waxwing flew over my head heading towards Clifton Bridge. The same flock of 40 birds were later relocated by another observer outside the Red Cow on Lenton Lane.

This is now the second week running that a flock of Waxwing have flew over me whilst at work, but continue to elude me at the weekend when I go out looking for them! 


Sunday 18th November

Above average numbers of Lesser Redpoll still in the area this morning with 12 feeding in the Alder Plantation, and 7 again near the footbridge on Branshill Moor.

Two Brambling flew over the Alder Plantation towards the Rough Wood with a small flock of Chaffinch, early morning.

A hybrid Aythya, possiblyTuftedDuck x Poachard on the far side of Holme Pit, gave me a few problems late morning. Also calling Waterail from the far reed-bed.


Saturday 17th November

Lesser Redpoll has always been a scarce bird here, so I was delighted today when I came across a flock of c40 Lesser Redpoll feeding on seed heads in the small willow plantation by the footbridge on Branshill Moor. This is by far the largest gathering of this species recorded in the area, and my first ever double figure count here.

The flock quickly moved through the area and were last seen flying towards Branshill Wood.

Within the flock were a couple of very frosty looking individuals that were possibly Mealy, but no sooner had I located them they were gone.

Also today were several Siskin in the Alder Plantation, c50 Linnet on the Weir Field, 32 Wigeon and 250 Northern Lapwing on Cottages Flash.

Lesser Redpoll - Branshill Moor

Sunday 11th November

Walking along the front of Branshill Wood this morning a croaking "cok cok" call put me straight onto a Raven that was flying towards me, just over the top of the wood.

A monster of a bird that was very easy to pick out from the other flying covids. It quickly dropped over the top of the wood and out of view, but soon appeared again with a second bird before they both drifted off towards Thrumpton. 

The rest of the morning was relatively quite, with nothing of note seen.

Three visits throughout the day to the Trent University Campus in hope of a few Waxwing again drew a blank, although the area will almost certainly host Waxwing again soon, as there are lots of Rowan that are laden with berries.

A second sighting of Raven this afternoon [J.Hennig] with a single bird around Gotham Woods from 3.30 - 4.00 pm, before flying off towards Barton/Thrumpton.

Raven - Branshill Wood


Saturday 10th November

A small group of 4 or 5 calling Brambling flew over the Alder Plantation with a mixed flock of Chaffinch and Siskin this morning, also a few Siskin feeding on the Alders.

A calling Water Rail from the reed-beds on Holme Pit, also a single Grey Heron having difficulty swallowing a Carp, but it went down well in the end.

Several Common Buzzard around this morning with a very confining bird in Clifton Wood.

Some good numbers of Goldfinch feeding on teasel near the Yellow Gate just off Foxcovet Lane early morning, also c30 Meadow Pipit in the area.

A report from one of the local farmers of a Short-eared Owl sat out on fence posts and hunting around the Weir Field this morning.

No sign of any Waxwings in the University Campus on two visits today. 


Common Buzzard - Clifton Wood

Goldfinch - Foxcovet Lane


Thursday 8th November

Three Waxwing were located in the Nottingham Trent University campus this morning at 7.15 am.

All 3 birds were seen to fly in from the direction of Clifton village, located by their very distinct trilling call, and began feeding on Rowans outside the Darwin building. At around 7.30am they were flushed from the rowan by a small group of feeding Fieldfare and flew off high towards the Clifton estate.


Wednesday 7th November

Three Waxwing, again reported in the Nottingham Trent University campus this morning at 7.30am


Tuesday 6th November

Nine Waxwing reported from the Nottingham Trent University campus briefly at 11.30am this morning.


Sunday 4th November

A single Woodcock was almost trod on this morning on Branshill Moor, before flying off into Branshill Wood.

Some good numbers of winter thrush's in the area first thing with c100 Redwing and c250 Fieldfare.

5 Water Rail were calling from the reed-beds on Holme Pit early Morning.

35 Wigeon and 7 Teal were on Cottages Flash, and a single Little Owl was heard calling in the area.

A large Tit flock went through Branshill Wood late morning, that contained 3 Treecreeper and a single Chiffchaff.

A single Green Sandpiper was a surprise sighting, that flew up from Barton village ponds and headed off high towards the power station.


Saturday 3rd November

A report today of two escaped Cape Shelduck on Cottages Flash [Nott's Birders website]


Friday 2nd November

A single Little Owl was seen at its usual roost sight this morning [J.Hall & K.James] also several Wigeon noted on Cottages Flash and c500 Starling in the area.









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